Signing up for Fruit Street's Portal through your Provider

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In order to sign up for Fruit Street's portal, you will need to receive an email invitation from your provider. If you have not yet received an email, please reach out directly to your provider so they can provide you with an email invite.

Once you receive a welcome email from your provider:

  1. Click the blue Sign Up Now button near the bottom of the email. This will open the sign up link in a new window.
  2. Step 1 is the "Registration" page. Fill in all information that has a red asterisk (*) next to it and click Next.
  3. Step 2 is the "Complete Profile" page. Fill out the questionnaire and click Next. Please note that all information listed in your account will be viewable by your provider.
  4. Step 3 prompts you to set up Zoom. The download should start automatically. Follow the directions on screen to install Zoom. This application is how you will video chat with your provider.
  5. Once registration is completed, you will receive an email confirmation.
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