Learn More About Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch tracks and can relay your health information to Fruit Street. There are three Apple apps that are all involved in tracking your health data on your Apple Watch and iPhone. They all come pre-installed on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Knowing how they work together can help you understand how your health data is used.

    • Health - This app is on your iPhone, and acts as a hub for all of your health data. The Health app stores data sent from your Apple Watch, and can send data out to apps that request it. The Health app does not do any automatic recording on its own; it is designed to work in conjunction with other apps.
    • Workout - This is an app on your Apple Watch. The Workout app will track your workout and then send the data to your Health and Activity apps. You'll be running the Workout app at the start of each of your workouts.
    • Activity - This app is on both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. This app tracks your activity throughout the day and counts it towards your activity goals. Simply wearing your Apple Watch will record any activity you do in the Activity app. Sending data from Workouts can provide more detailed information for the Activity app.
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