Signing Up For Our DPP Self Pay Program

If you would like to take part in Fruit Street's Diabetes Prevention Program, you may be eligible for our Self Pay program. The cost is $600 for the entire one year program.

To determine if you are eligible:

Take our Pre Diabetes Risk Quiz. Answer the questions until you reach a video. The video will let you know if you are "at risk" for diabetes or not.

Note: If you are not "at risk" or have any other disqualifying factors, you will not be eligible for the Fruit Street Diabetes Prevention Program.

If you are "at risk", click Sign Up Now and enter your personal and payment information (this information needs to be accurate, as it will be used for payment, your medical account history, and the address we send your supplies to). Once all fields are filled out correctly, click Subscribe to Fruit Street.

Choose your preferred class time and you will receive an email with the information needed to log into your new account and get started with Fruit Street's Diabetes Prevention Program. Your scale will be shipped and received within one week of signup, and your first class will start shortly after.

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