BodyTrace Scale FAQ

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When will I receive my scale?
  • We are experiencing some variability in shipping times, but we are working to deliver your scale to you as quickly as possible.
  • In the meantime, there is plenty to do while you wait! Start snapping pics of your meals and snacks, entering your physical activity minutes in the app, logging your first goal, and messaging your coach.
  • If you already own a scale, you can start tracking your weight loss progress while you wait! Take a photo of the scale each time you weigh yourself, and upload it to your food log to share it with your coach.
How much will the scale cost me?
  • The scale is included in your program at no additional cost to you.
How do I set up my scale? 
  • Insert the batteries in the correct orientation by following the directions in the battery slot (this is very important).
  • Place your scale on a hard, flat surface (wood or laminate is better than tile, and carpet simply doesn't work).
  • Your scale should automatically connect with your account the first time you step on it.
How does the scale sync with my account?
  • Your scale automatically connects to T-Mobile or AT&T's cellular network - no wifi or bluetooth setup required!
  • Please note that your scale should sync the first time you step on it.
How do I weigh in?
  • In minimal to no clothing, step on your scale.
  • Stand still until the weight flashes and the scale beeps, then step off the scale.
  • You will see lights circling the display (this indicates the scale is transmitting the data)Screen_Shot_2017-04-30_at_5.36.51_PM.png
  • Once the completed circle appearsScreen_Shot_2017-04-30_at_5.42.47_PM.png
    your weights should show up on your Fruit Street account in a matter of minutes.
How do I view the weights on my account?
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click Health Records at the top of your screen.
  • Click List View under your name on the right side of your screen.
  • Toggle between months by using the arrows next to the month name on the left side of the screen.
Who else can see my weights?
  • Only you and your coach will be able to see the weights listed on your account. Other participants in the program will not be able to see your weights. 
  • If you reach out to Support, they may view your weights to help with troubleshooting your account.
Can anyone else use my scale? 
  • We strongly recommend that you are the only person who uses your scale, as the scale automatically sends weights to your account.
  • Letting someone else weigh on your scale may cause their weights to show up on your weight chart! If this happens, please let your coach know.
Can any other scales connect to my account?
  • No - only your Fruit Street scale will be able to connect and send weights to your account.
Who is the scale manufacturer?
  • BodyTrace
What do I do if my scale is not working?

Can I move my scale?

  • Try to keep the scale in the same place - moving it can impact calibration.
  • If you have to move it, please allow it to sit for 60 minutes prior to weighing in.
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