Individual Provider: Setting Appointment Types and Prices

To set up different appointment types and prices:

  1. Log into the your Practice Admin account in the Fruit Street portal.
  2. Click on your account's name in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  3. Click My Practice.
  4. Click Payment Settings.
  5. Once you are in your payment settings, ensure that your Stripe account is connected to Fruit Street.
  6. Under "Waiting Room Settings," make sure to choose your waiting room and your Stripe account.Screen_Shot_2019-08-17_at_7.03.37_PM_2.png
  7. Once these settings have been chosen, "Visit Options" will be available for you to toggle.
  8. You can click + Add New Visit Option to add more appointment types.
  9. For each appointment type, you can write a description, duration, choose the fee, and determine if the appointment if one-on-one or for groups.
  10. Make sure to click Update when you are finished to save your changes.
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