Error Codes: Er 4, Er 5, Er 6


If your scale is showing an Er 4, Er 5, Er 6, CELL, Conn, or SEnd error code, this means that it is likely having a hard time connecting to the cellular networks of AT&T or T-Mobile to transmit your weights. You may also see endless lines running around your display in a circle that do not resolved in a box.







There are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. If you are seeing the Er 4 code, make sure that it is paired with the CELL, not bAtt, message.
    • If the message you see is Er 4 plus bAtt, please Click Here.
  2. Do not remove your scale's batteries!
    • Your scale can save your weights, even if it is not sending them to your Fruit Street account.
    • If your scale's batteries are removed before your scale can find a connection, your saved weights will be cleared permanently and cannot be recovered.
  3. Move your scale near a window or to the top floor (if you have one).
    • By having the scale closer to a window or higher up, it may receive better cellular reception.
  4. Try weighing in 3 successive times.
    • Doing so can cause your scale to sync to a cellular network and send your saved weights.
  5. Wait until the weather clears up.
    • If it is a particularly cloudy or rainy day, the cellular connection may suffer.


  • Note: If your scale has never synced successfully with your account, you may be out of cellular service in your area. In this case, you can message your coach once per week with your weight for that day.
  • Note: If your scale used to sync successfully with your account, but does not now, please complete all 5 of the above troubleshooting steps. If the error persists for more than one week, please Submit a Support Request indicating the scale issue you are experiencing as well as all steps that have been tried.
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