Attending Class on Your Computer

  1. If you have a scheduled class, log In to your Fruit Street account.
    1. After logging in, you will see a green button that says "Start Visit" on the right side of the screen under "Upcoming Appointments."
  2. Click Start Zoom Call.
      1. Under "Call Info", you will also see the phone number to dial in via phone, the meeting ID, and the password to join via phone. This information is used for calling in on a mobile device only. 
      2. Note: If you are using a device that does not yet have Zoom installed, please install Zoom per the instructions on your screen or by going to
      3. Zoom is the video conferencing software used for participating in Fruit Street
  3. After clicking Start Zoom Call, please wait for your class members to arrive and your dietitian to start the session.
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