Individual Provider: Cannot Submit Charge

If you cannot submit a charge in your Fruit Street account for a visit, you may need to add the patient's credit card information into the system. If there is no Credit Card information for a patient, then the "Submit Charge" button will be disabled.

To make sure you can submit charges and change fees, enter the patient's credit card information into the Fruit Street system. For new patients, make sure that they input their credit card information before they have their appointment.

To enter a patient's credit card information:

  1. Log in to your Provider account.
  2. Click Visits.
  3. Find the correct patient.
  4. Under "Action", click Detail.
  5. In the patient profile, click Payment.
  6. Click +Add a new card and enter in the patient's credit card information.
  7. Click Add Card.
  8. Completing these steps should enable the "Submit Charge" button.
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