What is Fruit Street's Diabetes Prevention and Weight Loss Program (DPP)? Fruit Street’s DPP is an interactive telemedicine-based lifestyle change program delivered via live group video sessions. You and a group of participants will meet 26 times over the course of a year with the same registered dietitian lifestyle coach. Using a science backed curriculum developed by the CDC, your coach will educate and facilitate interactive discussions among you and your fellow group members. With the support of your coach and group you will make small, incremental changes in your eating and physical activity to improve your health and prevent diabetes.
How long is the program? Fruit Street’s DPP is a year-long program focused on long-term changes and lasting results. A year might sound like a long commitment, but learning new habits, gaining new skills, and building confidence takes time! As you begin to eat better and become more active, you’ll notice changes in how you feel and maybe even in how you look. Research shows that you are more likely to maintain changes when they are made gradually over time. Fruit Street's year long program allows you the time to accomplish this!
When are sessions offered? Sessions are offered seven days a week in the mornings, at lunchtime, and in the evening. You will be given the option to select your preferred day and time when you sign up for the program. Sessions will meet on this same day and time throughout the course of the year.
Who is eligible for the program? Anyone who is either diagnosed with prediabetes, has a history of gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), or is at risk of developing prediabetes (based on the CDC’s risk assessment quiz) is eligible to participate in Fruit Street’s DPP. To find out if you are at risk, take the CDC’s assessment quiz found here.
How does a participant get started with Fruit Street? You can take our diabetes risk assessment quiz to determine if you are at risk for diabetes. If you are deemed to be at risk for diabetes, you can sign up for the Fruit Street DPP by inputting your insurance or payment information, creating a username and password, and filling out a form indicating your preferred weekly class day and time. Fruit Street will reach out to you with your class start date and program start instructions within one week of the participant signing up.
What can I expect on my first day of the program? On your first day, log in to fruitstreet.com on your computer or through the Fruit Street app on your mobile device, and select “Start my appointment” to meet your registered dietitian lifestyle coach and fellow group members. You will be able to see and hear everyone on your screen, and you will be visible on theirs. You will be able to share and ask questions via live video discussion or by typing a message into the chat box. Your registered dietitian lifestyle coach will introduce you to the program and answer any questions you have during the first class.
Is Fruit Street’s Program CDC-Recognized? Fruit Street’s program received CDC approval to provide the DPP in November of 2017 with the first program participants starting the program in December of 2017. Fruit Street achieved full recognition by the CDC for our DPP in 2019. To read more, click here.
How Does Fruit Street collect and report data to the CDC? Fruit Street’s software extracts all CDC-required aggregate data (meaning that your individual data stays private) from the Fruit Street platform including attendance, weight, and physical activity. This data is submitted per the Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program’s (DPRP) SOP for CDC for evaluation. This information is presented in a way that is HIPAA compliant in order to protect your personal health information and keep it private.


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