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How do I interact with my Coach during class? During class, your coach will present slides while teaching the material for the week. You will be able to see and hear your coach and the rest of your classmates. While we recommend muting yourself during class, there may be times when you are asked to verbally participate as well. In this instance you can unmute yourself and reply to your coach or classmates.
How do I interact with my Coach between classes?

There are a few ways to interact with your coach:

  1. Private messaging.
  2. Group messaging.
  3. Comments on food photos.

The more active you are in tracking (weights, food, activity), the more support your coach can give you. You can also respond to or start messages anytime to maintain an ongoing discussion with your coach in-between classes.

What qualifications does my Fruit Street Lifestyle Coach have?

All Fruit Street Lifestyle Coaches are Registered Dietitians with the Commission of Dietetic Registration, the nationally recognized credentialing organization for dietitians. In addition, all coaches have completed a CDC required National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach Training. This training ensures that Lifestyle Coaches possess a thorough understanding of the CDC-approved curriculum as well as the knowledge and skills to effectively deliver the program.

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