Attending Class on Your iPhone

  1. Download the Fruit Street app and VSee Messenger app (our video conferencing software) from the App Store.

  2. If you have a scheduled class, log in to your Fruit Street app:

  3. Click the “video camera” icon at the bottom.

    • Screen_Shot_2019-10-14_at_10.28.08_PM.png

  4. Find your correct class under “Upcoming.”

  5. Click “Start Visit.”

    •  IMG_0826.jpg

  6. Once in your video call:

    • You will see yourself in a video screen.

    • At the top of the screen a message will appear saying “Your provider will be calling you shortly.”  This means once your coach has entered the class your session will begin. 

    • At the bottom of the screen you will see three (3) buttons (If you do not see these buttons, tap anywhere on your screen to activate buttons):

      • The microphone icon is how you are able to mute your side of the audio. You will want to click the mute button when you are attending your class so others in the class will not hear any background noise from your end. You can unmute your call if you need to speak or ask questions. 

      • The video camera icon allows you to turn your video on or off during a class. In the screen shot below, the camera is turned off, which turns the video camera icon white with a line through it.

      • The camera flip icon allows you to switch your camera’s view. 

      • IMG_0827.PNG

  7. Once your coach joins the session and shares the presentation, at the top of the screen you will see the “Video Call” time with four (4) buttons (tap anywhere on the screen to activate buttons):

    • The box icon allows you to switch from viewing the video to viewing the presentation. 

    • The chat icon allows you to type a chat message to your coach during the class session. 

    • The people icon allows you to see all the participants that are in the class currently. 

    • The three dots icon will give you three options:

      • Dial In gives you phone information in case you need to dial into the call via phone.

        • You may need to dial in if for some reason you cannot hear during your video class or the video class is not working. 

      • High-Res Video allows you to switch the video quality.

        • If you are having choppy audio or video, you can turn this off to improve connection.

      •  Flashlight (no function).

    • IMG_0831.PNG  IMG_0835.PNG

  8. When your coach joins the session, you will see your coach’s video, your video, and some of your classmates' videos.

  9. To switch from seeing your coach to seeing the presentation, click the box icon in the top blue toolbar as described in step 4.

  10.  To switch from seeing the presentation, to seeing your coach, click the video icon.

    • IMG_0834.PNG

  11. If these steps do not allow you into your class, or if you have any problems with the VSee video call, please click here.


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