Uploading a Profile Photo


  1. Log in to your Fruit Street account.
  2. Click your name in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Click on My Profile.
    • Screen_Shot_2019-11-07_at_5.34.23_PM.png
  4. Click Edit Profile at the bottom of your screen.
    • Screen_Shot_2019-11-07_at_5.37.15_PM.png
  5. Click the box to upload your photo file OR drag the photo file to Photo box.
    • Screen_Shot_2019-11-07_at_5.38.08_PM.png
    • If you click the box, you will see a pop-up that allows you to select your photo from your computer.
  6. Once your photo is uploaded, click Update.
    • Screen_Shot_2019-11-07_at_5.41.59_PM.png
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