Connecting Apple Watch

Fruit Street’s Diabetes Prevention Program only syncs Active Minutes from the Apple Watch to your Fruit Street account. Through a third party app, myFitnessSync- Health To Fitbit, you can sync your steps as well. To do so, you can sync your Apple Watch to Fitbit, and then sync your Fitbit account to Fruit Street to upload data from the Apple Watch to Fruit Street.


To sync steps from Apple Watch to Fruit Street:

  1. Connect the Apple Health app to Fruit Street.
  2. Connect the Fitbit app to Fruit Street.
  3. Download myFitnessSync- Health To Fitbit app from the App store. 
  4. Follow the prompts in myFitnessSync- Health To Fitbit to sync steps from Apple Watch to Fitbit.
  5. Open up your Fitbit app to see steps synced.
    • Note: you may have to close out of the app and reopen it for steps to show up.
  6. Open Fruit Street app to sync Fitbit data to Fruit Street. Your steps and active minutes should sync now.
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