Private Practice Provider: Facilitating a Session

  1. Sign into the Fruit Street portal here .
  2. Under "Today's Schedule" on the right side of your dashboard, find the session you want to start, and open it by clicking on the name of any patient in the session.
  3. To launch Zoom and join the video call, click the blue Zoom Call button (located on the right upper side of your screen ). This will launch Zoom in a new window. If you were not already logged into Zoom, you will be prompted to log in at this point.
  4. The Zoom video call window will show your camera, as well as the camera of all of the patients on the call. Fruit Street has meeting style conferencing, so you only need to call one patient to connect with an entire group.
  5. Once you have launched Zoom and started the call, you are able to start screen sharing.
  6. Patients are connected to the call once they click “Start My Visit” in the mobile app or in the online portal. They are able to join the call independently of the the host (you), and may already be in the session when you join.
    • If a patient is unable to join the call through their computer or mobile app, they have the option to join the call using their phone (audio participation only).
  7. At the conclusion of the session, you can end the call by clicking the red "End" button in the lower right hand corner of the Zoom video window. 
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